We have a well-established Simulation training facility and experienced faculty within Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  The Trust work closely with local universities in Bristol and Gloucester to deliver simulation training and simulation based courses to both postgraduate staff and undergraduates.

We have a broad range of manikins and equipment including wireless; Adult, Child and Newborn manikins. We were the first institution in the country to have the latest midwifery manikin capable of delivering a baby, which is used regularly for training in obstetric emergencies.  We also deliver regular simulation session to all groups of staff in the clinical environment allowing for a fully Multi-Disciplinary Team approach to training in the workplace.


The Simulation equipment includes Gaumards Hal Simulators, all of the below simulators have programmable heart, lung, and bowel sounds.  They can be intubated, ventilated and some work with real equipment.  Each manikin is controlled via a user friendly interface or a tablet or computer and can be attached to either real monitoring or used with simulated monitors. The simulators are:

  • HAL Adult manikin
  • HAL Paediatric manikin (5 yo Child)
  • HAL Newborn manikin
  • HAL Victoria (Birthing Manikin)

The other equipment that the department has includes:

  • Apple iPads – loaded with Simulation Monitor software ‘SimMon’. In order to use this software you will need two iPads, one is the standalone monitor, and another is needed to remotely control the standalone monitor.
  • 2 x Laerdal Shocklink.  Simple – Shockable – portable rhythm generator that attaches to any Trust defibrillator.  Can be controlled via remote or free App.  Can generate: VF, VT, SVT, Sinus, PEA, Asystole, Bradycardia.  Will also detect artefact and display on defibrillator screen
  • ALS manikin with CPR feedback, simple manikin that comes in a suitcase – suitable for all ALS style scenarios with the added option of wireless control through ‘Simpad’ to have real time feedback on CPR effectiveness.

All equipment can be loaned for local teaching sessions either in wards/departments or the education centre.  Equipment is available for teaching to undergraduate or postgraduate staff. Please get in touch using the contact email at the bottom of the page.

*Please note equipment is free to use for in house training – for external sessions a fee or deposit may be requested*.

We have added a number of resources to help you run any simulation sessions onto this site, however, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch using the email address below.


If you require any further information regarding simulation training please email: Simulation.Training@glos.nhs.uk