• As a medical student you may not have come across head injury in any of your other placements. We see a lot of patients ranging from minor bumps in toddlers to open skull fractures. The formulation of Major Trauma Units, which normally have Neurosurgical centres co-located, means that most Severe Head Injury patients should bypass local hospitals to get to a centre which can offer definitive care.
  • The problems with head injury is that it can by tricky to work out who has a significant head injury and even patients with ‘minor’ head injuries can have poor outcomes unless we manage them correctly.
  • The SEMEP (Southampton Emergency Medical Education Project) video below gives you a great introduction to head injury management
  • For a more comprehensive overview check out the NICE guidance on head injury [Jan 2014] – This applies to UK practice and this gives us recommendations on who to CT and head injury management.

Minor Head Injuries from SEMEP on Vimeo.

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