“Nose bleeds occur in those who are beginning to have feeling of lust or who are getting the signs of manliness.”

Hippocrates 4th century BC.

**Ingested button batteries are an emergency – see departmental guidelines**

Learning resources

  1. RCEM Learning
  2. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com
  3. StEmlyn’s post on ingested button batteries – see ED guidance on the intranet for management and more special circumstances such as sharp object, large objects, magnates and types of metal.
  4. Facial injuries – for 1:1 teaching
  5. Life in the fast lane – Epistaxis
  6. Full EMJ review article on managing epistaxis from 2005
  7. Below is a video made by our ENT team on epistaxis management – enjoy!

Interpreting imaging

Radiology folder

  • If you see an interesting x-ray which would be useful for educating your colleagues then just drag and drop it into the anonymised folder ‘ED Abnormalities’ on our PACs system.