Here are some resources linked to the HST training day virtually hosted by Glos ED on 10th June 2020.

Feedback for the day here please

Lily Stanley has compiled some FRCEM style questions applicable to the topics we covered today. These have been created by various regional trainees over the years. Perfect for you to quiz yourself – download here


Major Incident

As there were so many good MI links and resources I’ve made a separate page for these – they can be found here

Watch the MI training day video again here


Poisoning and Environmental emergencies

  • We’ve uploaded the slides from the Kahoots quiz on Envenomation & toxic ingestion by Drs Lucy Ellis and Jackie Bassett. See the slides here.
  • Watch Dr Paddy Morgan discussing hypothermia and drowning Zoom Recording Link 1hr password: 2g$7*#!6
  • We also covered the exercise induced collapse with Lt Col HJ Pynn, some of the amazing medical/safety setup and challenges involved in HPC, apologies but I didn’t record these. If we get any more slides or links I’ll put them here.
Other resources:

There are many more decent resources out there…