Below are some links to some educational resources which apply to work in the Emergency Department

Emergency Procedures

Bier’s Block
  • Video on how to perform a Biers Block created by Dr Rosty Bezuhlyy and Dr Alex Jordanov in collaboration with our eLearning team. For use alongside the GHNHSFT Biers Block Proforma.
Chest drain insertion
How to Perform a surgical airway
Lateral Canthotomy
  • Get ophthalmology in now. Consider getting Max fax also.
  • indications and short video post from Life in the Fast Lane.
  • This video is recommended by our Ophthalmology colleagues as many eye operations start with a canthotomy
  • Don’t wait for the CT if there is visual loss
  • This is an RCEM HST Curriculum competency
Clam Shell Thoracotomy
Peri-mortem C-section
EZIO insertion

Equipment guides

  • Nov 2014 video from GHNHSFT on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • This video is a guide only. Formal training and sign off in PPE donning and removal as well as face-mask fit-testing is required before you enter an environment which may expose you or your patients to risk.
Thomas Splint
  • Thomas splint – 9 1/2 minute tutorial from Manchester Medical School
Autopulse Tutorial
  • Autopulse tutorial – This is an 8minute guide of how to use the Zoll auto pulse device. Watch this and plan how you would use it. Battery life is only 30minutes.
Level 1 Infuser