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Advice for doctors coming to the UK – Sash Health

Advice for doctors moving to the UK.

Level 1 Rapid Infuser

This is a GHNHSFT training video produced by Dr Michael Connelly, CN Graham Rowe and our eLearning team to help train our staff in the...

How to perform a Biers Block

A video showing how to perform a Biers Block safely.

Elderly Care in ED

A 7 minute video which will change the way you see and care for elderly patients in the Emergency Department.

Facial Fractures in the Emergency Department

In this presentation Conor Dalby, one of our ACCS trainees, takes a look at the common types of facial fracture. He starts off by looking...

Vertigo in the Emergency Department

Identifying the cause of Vertigo can be very tricky. Not only are the differences sometimes subtle but making an incorrect diagnosis can result in significant...

Epistaxis management in ED

If you haven’t worked in ENT or an Emergency Department before then you probably haven’t treated patients with Epistaxis. Presentations can range from a trickle of blood to life...

Common and important eye presentations to ED

Guest post on eye presentations by Dr Jame Richardson, ACCS trainee. Below we’ve embedded a great theme of the fortnight presentation by Dr James Richardson....

Thumbs Up! Thumb injuries and their management

Thumb injuries are common and you need to be aware of the anatomy, common injuries and their management if you are going to reduce morbidity

ECG Quiz ‘The Magnificent Seven’

This ECG Quiz is a theme of the fortnight from 2015 written by one of our former ACCS trainees Dr Jono Holme. How Good are...