If you are part of the ED team, trauma team or resuscitation team then this is relevant to you.

Many of you in the ED have had face to face training on the new chest drain kit that is being introduced to the EDs in both GRH and CGH this week. For those of you that haven’t I have made some videos to show the technique required. Although the basic principles of the Seldinger and blunt dissection insertion techniques remain the same there are nuances of the new kit with which you need to be familiar. Please take the time to look at these videos so you can be helpful member of your team without hesitation should you be tasked with inserting one of these drains.

In the ED there will be 2 drawers prepared in the resus room. 1 with the Seldinger packs and all additional equipment. 1 with blunt dissection packs and all additional equipment.

Blunt dissection


 Seldinger Drain


Guide to chest drain sizes (intranet link)

A link to these will also be available through the ED guidelines website, easily accessible through patient first.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these. You may need to put one in tomorrow!

Dr Helen Mansfield

Emergency Medicine Consultant GHNHSFT