If you haven’t worked in ENT or an Emergency Department before then you probably haven’t treated patients with Epistaxis. Presentations can range from a trickle of blood to life threatening haemorrhage and you must be prepared before they attend the department. You need to have an idea of the causes of epistaxis, the treatments, who to admit and what discharge advice to give. This can be tricky and I’ve even seen clinicians get confused about the little things, like which part of the nose to press on to stop bleeding (hint – not the hard bit). Guidelines are useful but sometimes you need a little more…

To help you Dr Warren Bennet and Dr Fatemah Keshtkar from our ENT team have produced this excellent training video. It is part of an educational quality improvement initiative so please take the 60 seconds to complete the before and after surveys so they can (hopefully) show how useful this resource is and if further materials like this may be of use in the future. The whole package only takes 10minutes!


On to the video on Management of Epistaxis in ED….

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NB: full patient consent obtained for appearance in video above