This ECG Quiz is a theme of the fortnight from 2015 written by one of our former ACCS trainees Dr Jono Holme.

How Good are you at ECG interpretation?

Accurate ECG interpretation is very important in the Emergency Department. We often have them waved at us ‘Just sign this please doc’. Unless you take the time to pick each one apart and you know which worrying patterns to look out for, you will miss important diagnoses.

These ECGs show some important pathologies which you should be able to recognise if you work in ED.

Do you feel lucky, well do you punk?

You’ve 7 ECG’s to work through in a quiz format. Imagine you’re having a quiet day (does that happen?) in minors when you get asked to look at these ECG’s for ‘majors patients’. Don’t look at the answers until you have taken the time to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the Abnormality?
  2. What is the importance of this abnormality?
  3. What should I do about it now?

Further ECG Resources:

ECG interpretation is an art which is honed over years and needs ongoing development to maintain competence. To help with that development here’s some further links:

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