A training course looking at what a Major Incident is and what will be expected of you in a Major Incident.

Module 1 Introduction to major incident training
Unit 1 Introduction to Major incident
Unit 3 Triage at the scene
Unit 4 IInitial Operational Response (IOR) for the wider NHS
Module 2 What do I need to do in the Emergency Department?
Unit 1 Introduction to Major Incidents in GHNHSFT
Unit 2 Notification of a Major Incident
Unit 3 Get the Major Incident box and Perform Initial actions
Unit 4 Initial Actions by ED
Unit 5 Clearing the Department
Unit 6 Triage in a Major Incident
Unit 7 Preparing the department
Unit 8 CBRN Incidents
Unit 9 Incident logging
Unit 10 Communication during an Incident
Unit 11 Major Incident Do and Don'ts