Below are some links to some educational resources which apply to work in the Emergency Department

Emergency Procedures

Chest drain insertion
How to Perform a surgical airway
Lateral Canthotomy
Clam Shell Thoracotomy
Peri-mortem C-section

Equipment guides

  • Nov 2014 video from GHNHSFT on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • This video is a guide only. Formal training and sign off in PPE donning and removal as well as face-mask fit-testing is required before you enter an environment which may expose you or your patients to risk.
Thomas Splint
  • Thomas splint – 9 1/2 minute tutorial from Manchester Medical School
Autopulse Tutorial
  • Autopulse tutorial – This is an 8minute guide of how to use the Zoll auto pulse device. Watch this and plan how you would use it. Battery life is only 30minutes.
Level 1 Infuser
  • Level 1 infuser – Video from Derriford hospital. Think about major haemorrhage indications for rapid transfusion. What BP/criteria are you aiming for?  Quality access required for optimal therapy.